How to build a TOP Brand Manifesto

How to build a TOP Brand Manifesto

A brand manifesto is a statement that defines the core values and beliefs of a company or organization, product or even events. It serves as a guiding principle for all branding and marketing efforts, and is used to communicate the purpose and identity to both internal and external audiences.

This statement includes the mission, company’s goals and objectives also the values that define the culture of the company. This Manifesto is used to align employees to support the vision of the company and feel engage whit that statement, and only when you apply what you predict in your manifesto, employees, customers and shareholders will see your brand as an TOP Brand to follow. 

How to start building a Manifesto?

Building a manifesto is a collaborative process, that gathers inputs from employees, customers and shareholders, this ensure that the manifesto will reflect truly and honest different points of view of the brand and in this way the manifesto will be authentic.

There is some general points to cover the you need to build a brand manifesto: 

1- Introduction: A brief introduction of what a manifesto is and why is so important for your brand to have one. 

2- Mission Statement: Clearly mention the company’s overall goals and objectives. This should be a concise statement that resume the company’s purpose.

3- Core Values: Identify the company’s core values, these values should be aligned with the mission statement and should be authentic to the company.

4- Brand Promise: Describe the specific benefits or value that the company will provide to its customers. This should be a clear and measurable promise that differentiate  the company from its competitors.

5- Brand Personality: Is a set of human characteristics that people can associate with the brand. This has to be consistent with the company’s values and promise.

6- Brand Position: How the company position itself in the market and what sets it apart from its competitors.

7- Brand Story: Tell the company’s its history, struggle and achievements. This can create an emotional connection with the audience and make the brand more human.

8- Conclusion: Gather the main points of the brand manifesto and emphasize the importance of consistently communicating the brand’s message and values.

A brand manifesto should be authentic and reflective of the company’s true identity. It should also be easy to understand, accessible, and regularly reviewed and updated. It’s important to involve employees and stakeholders in the process of creating the manifesto to ensure that it’s truly reflective of the company’s identity and all members of the organization are invested in its success.

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