The responsibility of Brands

The responsibility of Brands

Brand building is a lifelong process for businesses. Being a recognized brand is not a guarantee that it will always be at the top or that it will meet market expectations, several aspects can affect the stability of the brand image such as actions, mistakes by accident, and both internal and external word of mouth, social responsibility actions and an element that is very delicate but beneficial today, the use of influencers.

An element that marked a milestone in the history of humanity in recent years was the appearance of Covid-19. This same paralyzed the entire world, affecting the world economy, revealing the failure of the business models of some companies, and driving others to a dramatic and accelerated change with the clear objective of not disappearing or being in a position to close due to confinement. generated by the arrival of this pandemic.

It is then that as marketers we ask ourselves, how should we act in such delicate situations in order not to overreact to obtain the attention of our customers, community, and the market in general? Here we understand that being a brand is not only about awareness, engagement, and sales, being a brand is a huge responsibility for those who manage communications and actions.

The Edelman Agency developed a study during the pandemic called Trust Barometer Brands and

Coronavirus. This study consisted of carrying out a measurement of the actions that the big brands took during the pandemic, let’s not forget that during it there was a lot of uncertainty on the part of the workforce in the companies, in addition to what actions the brands were executing to help with the fight against COVID-19.

This study revealed 4 pillars of action that brands must execute at times like the one we have lived.

1.- Show up and do your part: When there is a crisis situation, brands should not disappear or remain oblivious to what happened, on the contrary, it is time to show up creatively and do their part.

2.- Do not act alone: The union is a strength, it is vital that brands seek collaboration even with the competition but it is also vital that in times of global crisis brands work hand in hand with governments.

3.- Solve don’t Sell: Brands should focus on finding solutions to the problems that the community is experiencing in times of crisis,

4.- Communicate with emotion, compassion, and facts: Communication must be empathetic and demonstrate commitment while providing calm but also informing.

The consequences of not following these 4 pillars may lead brands to get opinions like this, so dangerous.


Image 1 -Edelman’s Barometer Brand Covid-19 Study

But also people can give you valuable information like this.


Image 2 -Edelman’s Barometer Brand Covid-19 Study

Today that we have the globalization of information at a single click, and it is very important to take care of the health of our brands. As marketers, our responsibility is to be attentive to the needs of the community that surrounds

the brand, since these lead you to glory. Or they can destroy you. Actions that not only have the objective of selling but that does help to get closer to these communities and that make them feel heard and understood will make the brand reach them and even make them brand ambassadors.

You can download de Edelman’s Brand Barometer here ——> uR8pDDa76xzzP/view?usp=sharing


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