Hey marketers!, Make the Word of Mouth more digital

Hey marketers!, Make the Word of Mouth more digital
The Word of Mouth in a marketing funnel?

In the variety of existing marketing funnels, there is one in particular that is used a lot for Growth strategies, it is the Pirate Funnel or AARRR funnel. This funnel has the particularity that each of the stages can be handled almost independently of its previous step.

In this funnel, one of the most important stages is the Referral stage, since it works as a loop that attracts more target users to enter the funnel and follow the process, this for me is a completely digital word of mouth from which you can get a lot of advantage since this one can go viral.

AARRR Funnel

Now this stage works very well in some digital products where the user has already discovered the value offered by the product or service or the aha! moment, but the referral can not only come from the stage of a funnel, it can also do it in a viral and massive way like what happened with the famous ClubHouse app where the WOM became a need to become a VIP user of the application and this achieved an unprecedented growth of 2,000,000 users in less than a year.

Digital WOM is also used in the search for recommendations of products, places, foods, clothing, technological devices, etc. So we see how WOM is present in people’s daily lives and today more than ever WOM is digital, just as there are bad recommendations there are good recommendations and this is both an advantage and a disadvantage for businesses.

Digital Word of Mouth has to be more human

That is why planning a digital WOM strategy that helps put the business at an advantage is something that should be considered within the digital communication plan, these strategies can have incentives, and digital customer loyalty programs. According to Jonah Berger in his book Contagious, the nature of WOM is that we as people better accept the opinion of a real person than a review where we do not know if the person writing is a robot or someone paid by the company or simply the competition writing bad reviews…

Achieving a digital WOM is not an easy task, but it is not something that should be left aside either, a good digital WOM can undoubtedly accelerate the growth of your business.

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