How Analytics can help to build your Buyer Persona

How Analytics can help to build your Buyer Persona

We know that many marketers at some stage of their professional life have to deal with “The Buyer Persona” issue, do we really know our ideal customer? How do we get their attention?  Which channel do we use to reach them? And many questions that the marketing teams have in their meetings. 

There are different practices of how to discover the buyer persona:

  • Market research
  • Focus Group experiments 
  • Preliminary Go To Market strategies  
  • Surveys   

But how about Analytics? 

Deal with your internal data. If you have a presence in digital you need to know how to gather all the data that the users leave on your website, your social media channels, the behavior on the mail open rate kpis.  When you manage this information you have the power to communicate effectively. 

Google Analytics in the Universal Analytics Version has a little DMP ( Data Management Plattform), this tool allows you to discover how the visitors land on your websites, landing pages, forms, interact with content..etc and what are their interests before they find you. 

This information can find it at the Audiences→ Interests section. 

Imagine the things you can make with this information, you can make a very fine adjustment on yout buyer persona template and add or replace some attributes, planning and execute better communication to these personas.

In conclusion, you can ask for support from the analytics department, BI to improve the picture of this ideal customer ( buyer persona) and make your communication experience with them more effective. 

TIP: You can use this tool for the buyer persona-building process http://personapp.io/

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