How A/B testings can lead your team to a culture of experimentation?

How A/B testings can lead your team to a culture of experimentation?

For a couple of years in the digital world, there has been talking about the culture of experimentation in marketing and product teams, this trend is even revealing that current digital marketing is already becoming traditional digital marketing.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why:

1.- The lack of professionals who are prepared or who have knowledge about experimentation in digital ecosystems.

2.- The disposition on the part of directors and marketing managers to designate resources dedicated to experimentation.

The last report from GrowthHackers – The State of Growth 2022 shows that at least 53,8% is composed of 1-3 people. 

Most of these teams also report that they are not receiving appropriate training.

How to start implementing the culture of experimentation?

The first step to start to apply the culture of experimentation in marketing teams,  begin with A/B tests. 

A/B tests allow marketing teams to turn their strategic decisions into data-driven. In cases of full performance or full funnel strategies, A/B tests allow planning, execution, and analyze user behaviors that are walking in the different stages of the conversion funnel and how they can find the value of products or services.

Beginning with these tests will encourage marketing teams to go deeper in experimentation, going from A/B testing, multivariable testing to even predictive analytics to determine the possible behavior of users in an upcoming product launch, in a new placement at e-commerce, or in the planning expenses for digital campaigns.

If you are head of digital, encouraging teams and managers to be prepared for these new trends where we mix marketing with the scientific method, can definitely make a difference in your company and results.

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