How the perception of value turns the funnel into a loop

How the perception of value turns the funnel into a loop

The Perception of Value

Nowadays we manage our work, shop, entertainment, business, and health through the digital ecosystem. Companies turn products, and services into the digital environment trying not to stay behind competitors, obtain more visibility, and basically not to die.  

With a high amount of competitors and advertising out there trying to catch our attention, is imperative that businesses control the right flow and communications of how they

deliver their value proposition to customers or users,  this behavior is reflected in the conversion funnel. Every stage of the funnel has a component of the value that makes the users jump to the next step, In growth marketing we call this perception of value: “the aha! Moment”.

I will take the graphic SAAS Canva as an example. Imagine that I’m a small business owner, and I have to do many things to grow my business, one of those things is to create the digital communication to show my product or service to people. I don’t have the money yet to hire an agency or a freelancer so I need it to do by myself. 

While I’m searching for courses in basic design suddenly I see a Canva advertisement that says: “Design by yourself and go to market in a few steps”  in this awareness stage of the funnel my perception of value is: I can do it by myself and seems to be easy. Then, I click the ad so I move forward to the consideration stage of the funnel because I find myself exploring the site and I signup as a new user. 

After minutes, I make my first design and I love what I see but I find a paid image and is better, it doesn’t cost too much so I bought it. I see my creation and it is great. Guess what!!! ,now I’m at the conversion stage of the funnel, I download my design and use it right now……. Yes, the aha! Moment! ( my perception of value).

I’m so excited that I need to communicate this, in my LinkedIn profile, entrepreneurs forums, small business forums, Twitter…..and this funnel transforms into a loop,  I’m attracting users to the top of the funnel. 

Every stage of the Funnel Matters

When a  company is developing full-funnel strategies, they had to be conscient about two things, what is the business model (how does the company make money) and what would it be the aha! Moment  for the users. Both teams need to work together finding out the conversion funnel language:

  • Awareness: You are looking for a  problem solution, and we may help you.
  • Consideration: We have all the tools or expertise,  so we can help you to solve the problem.
  • Conversion: Tryt us and you will see how we help you to solve the problem. 

Once the users go through this process, many of them convert into ambassadors, turning the funnel into a loop. As I always said:  a single client can bring two more.

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